Two fashion experts and entrepreneurs created Attlasis, a gateway for all those women who wish to keep, enhance or change their appearance by the use of accessories. Attlasis is a unique site offering accessories in styles from all continents: Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia. It provides various services besides a broad selection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces, all designed in a wide variety of styles fitting all occasions and personalities.

The name Attlasis comes from Atlas, the famous Titan from Greek mythology. In arts, Atlas is represented by a man who carries the world on his shoulders. Attlasis embraces his feminine version, represented by a woman carrying the world on the tip of her fingers. This bold and elegant female Attlasis with so much class and mystery is an adventurer, independent and sophisticated, also intelligent, strong and provocative at the same time.

She is everything that a woman may become.



Building a place where to find an extraordinary collection of international accessories, convenient to all kinds of personalities and styles, and that also helps to enhance the best features of the body shape including size, complexion, hair and eye color.


Gaby Espino
(Actress, model and TV hostess)

Kimberly Dos Ramos
(Starring actress on “Quién es Quién”, Telemundo)

(One of the best Mexican pop duos)

Sissi Fleitas
(Model and hostess at TV reality show “Rica Famosa Latina”)

María Celeste
(Hostess on “Al Rojo Vivo”, Telemundo)

Valentina Patruno
(TV hostess, beauty blogger, Miss World Venezuela ’03)

Elba Escobar
(Actress with over 30 years of experience on soap operas and theater)

Aymee Nuviola
(Musical artist and starring actress on TV series “Celia Cruz”)

Inés María Calero
(Former Venezuelan beauty queen)

Ana María Monroy
(Hostess on “Hola Fashion”, Hola TV)

Carolina Sandoval
(AKA “Venenosa”, hostess on “Suelta la Sopa”, Telemundo)

Anabelle Blum
(TV and theater actress)


Andrea and Ariana are a team of young entrepreneurs who share their passion for fashion, and who have been able to combine their years of experience with marketing, production, business and psychology studies in order to develop Attlasis. They met in Washington, DC while studying in Georgetown University. Nowadays, their main goal is to satisfy the customers who wish to keep, enhance or change their appearance by the use of accessories.

About Andrea

Andrea graduated from George Washington University. Besides her mother tongue, Spanish, she speaks fluent English and Italian. For months, she often visited the most important countries in the fashion world like Italy and France. Later on, she visited other many destinations in Asia and Europe in order to study more deeply the innovative trends on fashion psychology. Andrea focuses on understanding why people wear what they wear, and the effects their clothes have upon others and their own thoughts and emotions.


About Ariana

Ariana graduated from American University of Paris, and she also studied in New York University. She has lived all over the world, including Paris, New York, Lima, Caracas, Madrid, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Miami. Her immersion into different cultures has allowed her to grow and see the world from a global perspective. She has attained many international affiliations and educational activities that have had a great influence on her passion for fashion and her creative production. Ariana works with graphic designers and a team of advisors in order to plan advertising strategies, to oversee the creative process, and to develop the concept of Attlasis as a worldwide brand.



- Services-

Fashion styling for individuals clients

Fashion Psychology Consulting

- They offer their clients a unique and personalized study
about the styles that best suit them based on a thorough process.

Fashion Trend Experts

- They provide advice to the media on the latest fashion trends.

Customized Accessories

- Celebrities and TV hosts.

- TV and magazine photo shoots.

- Films.

- Red Carpet events.

- Individual clients.



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Their eclectic, attractive and universal style makes them different from the rest. Attlasis is the result of all the knowledge acquired during their time spent in the leading fashion capitals of the world such as Paris, Milan, Shanghai, New Delhi, Qatar, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, and New York among others.


Attlasis has a strong influence on current social networks, and a great example of this are its more than 141k followers on Instagram.